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Click the links below to view a .pdf copy of my writing samples. 



MAP-21 and Its Effects on Transportation Enhancements

I wrote this bill analysis memorandum during my summer 2012 internship at Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and the National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse (NTEC). This memorandum was released by NTEC as the first publication educating the target audience of stakeholders and advocacy groups on the changes the bill made to the TE program, and can be found on its website

Click HERE to view a copy. 


Combined Air Quality and Noise Modeling Project

This microscale analysis was produced for my course on NEPA and Environmental Impact Assessment. I conducted a MOVES emissions and CALINE4 dispersion model on the carbon dioxide levels and a noise analysis at a project site resulting from its proximity to the interstate. The target audience was one of other professionals in the field.

Click HERE to view a copy.


Atlanta Sustainability Trend Report

Created as an insert to a larger sustainability report, this section on the status of Atlanta's land-use in terms of brownfields and greenspace is targeted to compact the findings of multiple studies into a concise, easy to understand snapshot.

Click HERE to view a copy.

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