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Below is a list of projects and activities that give a look into different areas of interest and collaborative efforts in which I've been involved.

Relevant Projects

SENIOR DESIGN: TRAFFIC STUDY IN JACKSON, GA.  My senior design group brought together the diverse backgrounds of our members within civil engineering (structural, environmental, and transportation), and conducted a traffic study on the city of Jackson, GA. Three state highways intersect in the small downtown square, and a very active railroad crossing creates an optimal situation for congestion. An origin-destination study utilizing standard license plate matching methodology helped in modeling the proposed one-way pair GDOT would like to move forward with in mitigating the congestion caused by through-traffic. Sponsored by the Georgia Department of Transportation.

INTERNSHIP: MAP-21 BILL ANALYSIS. I was lucky enough to be a part of a period of change to the Transportation Enhancements program by individually researching and analyzing the former U.S.C. Title 23 and the changes a new Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century bill would make to the program. With guidance from the Director of NTEC, I authored the first of several publications that NTEC would release on MAP-21, which details the changes to the program structure, eligible activities, and environmental requirements. This document served as the initial source of information to advocacy groups and stakeholders in the bicycle-pedestrian community, and I'm very proud of my involvement in this transition.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: SAFETY VIDEO. This video was one of the few quick and really fun project assignments I've worked on. In our study of OSHA, we were instructed to create a safety video for the operation of a skid-steer loader, no longer than 90 seconds in length, and due by the next class period. Instead of taking the approach of going out and recording myself talk about skid-steer loader safety, I enjoyed taking a bit of a simple, and slightly humored approach.

Click HERE to watch! 

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